Non Governmental Organizations formed to attempt and to seek solutions to problems in society. They usually comprise of urban citizens striving to uplift the poor and the underprivileged. According to me, effective helping and problem-solving is a result of three factors, namely awareness of basic abilities of the self (leadership, creativity, effective communication), intelligence to apply these abilities effectively and a positive attitude towards helping society. The question that arises is, “Can one find individuals in the tribal areas who have these three components, so that they can nurture themselves and their society?” I am confident that the tribal individuals possess the necessary/relevant intelligence and attitude to help the tribal population. What they lack however, according to me, is the awareness of their own abilities and faith in the same.

The philosophy of Tribal Mensa is to make the gifted tribal children aware of their own high levels of intelligence and its potential uses, nurture the intelligence these children possess and foster in them a positive attitude towards societal problem solving, which in turn would lead to self-fulfilment as well as service/contribution to the country.

Sita is a religious and mythological name, very common but very much appropriate as far as I am concerned. Well you know Sita as the wife of Rama but another meaning of Sita is a land, which is suitable for tilling that is, a cultivable land.

This is my journey, from potential cultivable land to productive, cultivated land. I am going to narrate my experiences to you, how I was identified and nurtured for my capabilities by mentors and psychologists.

Philosophy of ‘Tribal Mensa’ is seen in the the synergy between Modern Psychology and Vedic Science to build a holistic human development model. It is based on the ancient concept of Panchakosha narrated in Brahma valli of Taittariya Samhita, Yujurveda provides a scientific platform to build this unique nurturing model of gifted. If nurtured, underprivileged gifted children will be creative thinkers and future leaders of the nation.

(Sita is girl who has been identified as Gifted) talks about Philosophy of Tribal Mensa)

The Vision of ‘Tribal Mensa’ is to contribute to nation building through identifying, nurturing and empowering every underprivileged gifted child in India so that no gifted child is ignored in our country.
The Mission of ‘Tribal Mensa’ is to establish a platform for underprivileged gifted children across India for developing & utilising their full potential.
The Aim of ‘Tribal Mensa’ is to develop a self-sustaining system for nation building, that identifies and nurtures underprivileged gifted children and provides assistance for their academic and economic empowerment.