Have you ever felt…

“I am a problem solver! I often have new perspectives. I connect the dots. I seek reason & logic”

Get your IQ Tested!

Inspired by the Raven’s Progressive Matrices a new, innovative, IRT-based online adaptive test, the Scrambled Adaptive Matrices (SAM) has been developed and used in talent identification projects both in educational and work settings with more than 15 000 participants

Highlights of Test:

Based on Logical Thinking
No Syllabus
No Preparation required
No Math’s, Science or GK questions
Immediate result
Figural Test

Important Things to know:

Age above 10 years completed at the day of the test
Be relaxed and avoid distraction
Please switch off the mobile
Find peaceful place to take the test
Instruct others that you are taking IQ test and should not be disturbed

Want to take IQ test!

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Pay ₹500 to Appear for the test