Introducing Tribal Mensa NIRANTAR NIDHI!!!

Today we are talking about our plans of expansion and reaching out to a larger audience. One of the key factors that will decide our reach is our financial support. Every year we receive generous contribution from our well wishers and the same is utilized to continue doing the good work. This year when we were drafting our budget and plans for the coming year, a thought crossed our minds.

Ek par ek free.. Itne paisa mein itna hi milega.. Ek bar bharo aur zindagi bhar befikar jio.. Kam daam mein jyada ka fayda.. Bas keemat pooch kar to dekho..

While planning our Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program budget we wondered if any of these concepts would be applicable to a charitable organization too.

Can a onetime donation become an investment to help children year after year?

Can a small amount make a difference in many lives?

Can an individual donor ensure that TMNP runs for several years?

This can be easily possible if a chain of our friends and well wishers can pool in a collective amount that can be invested properly in a bank, to generate interest that can help us continue our good work. We term this scheme as Tribal Mensa NIRANTAR NIDHI.

We have heard these marketing taglines in soap ads, insurance schemes, telecom schemes and many more products and services.

Our aim is to consistently screen 1000 students every year and identify 100 Mensans. These students will undergo 18 nurturing sessions, psycho profiling, aptitude testing and career counselling in the coming year.

Each student will receive a basic scholarship of Rs.6500/- continuously for 5 years, to complete their graduation. Along with this basic financial support the students will be enrolled on the live scholarship portal through which they can appeal for funds to achieve their higher academic goals.

To carry out this project, we require a work place and a team of minimum 7 people on our payroll.

To enable this, the funds collected for this purpose will be kept in a Nationalised bank as Fixed Deposits and will remain untouched. Entire project will run on interest generated on the fixed deposit.

As per our calculations, our target is to get 1000 people to donate Rs.50,000/-

We would like to appeal to all our friends to join us and to also approach their friends to support our cause. Within no time, we would all see more smiles and hear many young success stories as a result of Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program.