Panchakosha Assessments

Brief Overview

The Panchakosha assessment is based on ‘Panchakosha Nurturing model’. This model has been derived from ‘taittriya Upanishada’ of Yajurveda. According to this model, the human soul is provided five sheath body to attain its goal of life.

These five sheaths are namely ‘Annamaya Kosha’ is (Physical body), ‘Pranamaya Kosha’ is (Subtle body), ‘Manomaya Kosha’ means (Mind body), ‘Vidnyanamaya Kosha’ means (Intellect body), and ‘Anandmaya Kosha’ is (Bliss body). This is the world’s first assessment based on panchakosha philosophy, where you can check your status of Panchakosha development.

This assessment is ideal for students of any age

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