Success Stories

Every child that undergoes our nurturing program realizes his Giftedness and his potential in life. This realization itself gives them a lot of confidence to push themselves to achieve more. Since the program is focused on non-academic skills it is a bit tough to measure it every time. Increase in the retention rate of Gifted children in school, their higher confidence and social skills, better observation, analysis and problem-solving itself is a great success for TMNP.

Many of our students have achieved exceptionally well in life. Here are a handful of those success stories.   

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Somnath Bhawari identified as gifted in 2007 with a score of 99+ percentile. He was a popular leader since childhood, organising school events and directing plays. We are proud to see him converting his potential to real life application by becoming a Police Constable with Maharashtra Police!

Sarala Shinde was identified as gifted in 2007 with a score of 99+ percentile. She completed her diploma with distinction in automobile engineering and has now enrolled herself for engineering graduate program. Having understood the importance of offering one’s giftedness for the benefit of society during TMNP nurturing workshops, she started free mathematics classes in her village. More than 15 students are enrolled in her classes, which are conducted in the evening after she finishes college. For excelling in her academic and social responsibilities, she received a scholarship of Rs. 30,000 from one of our donors.

Among the first four tribal girls to have been identified in 2002, Sushma has gone on to become the first gifted teacher in the same school where she studied, the Sevadham Tribal School in Malegaon. For her Diploma in Education, TMNP supported her with a full scholarship which included accommodation, clothing, tuition fees, and medical charges. TMNP also supported her with an interest free loan of Rs.20,000 for her marriage and to help her settle down. TMNP is now supporting her pursuit for higher education, namely a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Also among one of the first to be identified in 2002, Sarojini completed her D. Ed. with a scholarship of Rs. 40,000 from TMNP, and then also went on to complete her B.A. in Political Science. TMNP also provided her with non-academic support by giving her a job at a Mensa office, hence helping her acquire an administrative skill set.

Identified in 2007, Seema received a Rs. 6000 Scholarship provided by TMNP for her 11th and 12th grade each. She eventually completed her graduation in Computer Science. TMNP also provided her with a three-month full scholarship for a Business Intelligence internship. She is now looking for a software job and TMNP is seeking to provide her with the most relevant skill set to make that happen.

Identified in 2007, Kiran is a very sincere kid. He completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with support from TMNP and gathered work experience at Mahindra. He went on to complete his graduation in Mechanical Engineering with financial support from Mr. ShrikantDopatkar, who sponsored him for all five years. TMNP was hence successful in creating a Mentor-Mentee relationship.

Pravin was identified as gifted in 2007 and he has completed his Diploma in Agriculture with financial support from TMNP. He had to go through the unfortunate event of having to witness two of his classmates commit suicide. He was deeply disturbed. TMNP provided counseling for him and is also supporting him for graduation.

Identified in 2007, Santosh had the responsibility of his parents and three siblings on his shoulders. He is also very emotional and sensitive by nature. To sustain his family, he worked at a brick factory as bonded labor. Unfortunately, he failed one subject in his 12th grade, which he is trying to clear right now. He has a debt of Rs. 30,000 which TMNP is helping him pay off. With TMNP’s support, he has now started working at a fabrication shop acquiring skills that would help him start a small business of his own. He is simultaneously going to complete his graduation with the help of many donors who came forward to support him.

Identified in 2004. His father is a cook at one of the tribal schools that TMNP works with. Raja was a promising student, however due to bad company he did not pass his 12th grade. With TMNP’s help he has started working at a garage, learning skills that would help him start his own business soon.