• Once 4 Gifted students were identified, Dr. Narayan R. Desai set out to find more Gifted students from these underprivileged sections. After more than 12 years, today we have identified 700 Gifted students from all over India. This indicates a huge potential that lies unidentified in our underprivileged pockets of India.
  • After years of working with Gifted children, understanding their needs and different ways to nurture their potential, with the help of TMNP team of psychologists and Dr. Desai’s thorough knowledge of ancient educational methodology, we have come up with a unique nurturing program, customized specifically for the underprivileged Gifted students.
  • Over the years we have seen the confidence level rise in the students when they are identified as Gifted. After undergoing our nurturing programs, these students open up to new ideas, start dreaming and further go ahead and share their experiences with their school mates and teachers. With a little push from trained teachers and our timely visits, these students develop trust and a rapport, which helps them let go of their daily concerns and struggles at home. Under TMNP, they start growing as a family, they play, they learn and more importantly they become independent and start wanting to achieve more in life.
  • It is like these students have discovered a magic wand. They do not limit themselves to an educational scholarship or a nurturing program, but interactions between them and TMNP team continue for many years.

Upcoming Projects for 2015- 2016:

  • Project Dhruv: The underprivileged Gifted child – Identification and Nurturing Program.
  • First ‘Online Scholarship Portal’ exclusively for underprivileged Gifted students to help them Pursue Higher education.
  • An ‘Online Gifted Job Portal’ that will provide a platform for companies to find the right Gifted Potential to fit their industry requirements.
  • ‘Nurturing workbooks’ designed to be circulated to schools all over India, to help students learn on their own.
  • ‘Digital CDs’ where experts will share their experiences with Gifted, which will benefit the teachers, parents of Gifted and counselors who work in similar domains. This will also be used to create awareness about Giftedness and help us reach out to remote areas.